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Got something to say about Footsteps?


We have had Footsteps Dance Co in our school for four years. It has been great watching our students develop skills and grow them. One thing I noticed this year is how quickly the children, who have been involved from the start, follow instructions and pick up new skills. Their confidence in their ability to try new steps has grown and they enjoy being challenged by new and what I observed as complicated steps.
We have an autistic child who had to have ear muffs the first year and mostly sat and watched. The second year again he observed but began to dance – he lasted about five minutes before he put his ear muffs on and opted out. The third year he agreed to give each week a fifteen minute go.  This was often as much as he managed and sometimes he would start asking if his time was up after a few minutes, but we could see the progress as he began to put together sequences. This year he was fully involved, followed instructions and for me and his teacher the ultimate joy, he led one of the dances at the school disco.
This programme has been so worthwhile in our school, not only do our children love it they are also becoming great dancers, something a number of our students would never have had the opportunity to do. We will be involved in this programme for years to come.

Staff and students have loved the lessons, the concepts taught within them and our facilitator, Michaela, has been amazing. She has developed a positive, empowering relationship with the students. The Footsteps team have demonstrated a professional attitude and welcomed feedback from the school to cater for the needs of our students.