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We develop active, creative, risk takers!

Footsteps specialises in curriculum/age based movement programs for Foundation to Year 12 students. Our Ultimate Wellbeing Program offers schools a Dance component as well as an activity based Social Emotional Learning program. Classroom resources have been developed for every lesson as a part of our commitment to integrating our programs across all curriculum areas.

Quality outcomes including discos, formals, parent presentations and school concerts give students the opportunity to display and share their Footsteps experience. Let a talented Footsteps instructor deliver our Ultimate Wellbeing Program and turn your students into active, creative, risk takers!

So how can Footsteps develop active, creative, risk takers?

Ultimate Wellbeing Program

For twenty years Footsteps has seen the amazing benefits dance can provide students.

We have seen students not only improve their social and physical skills, but also improve their academic abilities as well through our integrated curriculum.

We have now joined forces with a powerful activity based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program to come up with the ultimate movement/activity based wellbeing program.

  • Motivated, caring and experienced instructors who understand the needs of students and engage quickly with them building trust and a safe and caring learning environment
  • Assessment matrix to assess students growth and skills development
  • Curriculum documentation, including links to outcomes of the National Curriculum
  • School Concert Programs
  • Set up and supply of necessary equipment

Dance Programs

We specialise in curriculum integrated school dance programs. Our programs use dance as a vehicle to develop students’ inter/intra personal skills, fitness levels and provide teachers with classroom resources that use dance as a starting point to help teachers educate across other curriculum areas.

We thrive on supporting teachers with learning outcomes for their students. Our programs are not only exciting and fun for students but sustainable for teachers from dance floor to classroom.

  • School concerts
  • Secondary Pastoral care and PE programs
  • Wakakirri programs
  • School concert programs
  • Vacation care programs

Social Emotional Learning

Children are faced with different social and emotional challenges at school, at home, among friends and on their own. More than ever, young people are struggling to deal these challenges and processing the emotions of everyday life.

Our SEL programs are designed to build emotional intelligence, self-esteem and resilience, as well as promote positive and respectful relationships with others, celebrating diversity. Activities in the program are based on real, day-to-day situations that students encounter at home and at school.

  • We have had over 20 years experience teaching in schools
  • Our program has been developed by qualified school teachers
  • We understand the requirement of SEL and wellbeing in schools
  • Our ‘movement’ based program teaches all the above skills in an engaging, innovative and exciting way
  • In such an overcrowded curriculum, a Footsteps SEL program acts as a stand-alone subject

Teacher Resources at your fingertips!

Every movement lesson has a resource association. This resource contains really useful information for teachers and students participating in the program. Every teacher resource contains:

  • Music details (including song title, artist and link to purchase)
  • Choreographic intent (theme/style/message of the dance)
  • Reflection and follow-up questions
  • National Curriculum links specific to this dance
  • Link to an integrated cross-curriculum activity for classroom
  • Suggestions for further learning opportunities
  • Assessment Matrix (applicable for all dances)

Outcomes that matter!

We work hard and play hard. At the end of the year its time to show off what we have learnt and Footsteps is there to make sure it is a blast!

Turn your students into active, creative risk takers!

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