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We develop active, creative, risk takers!

Footsteps specialises in curriculum, age-based movement programs for Foundation/Year 0 to Year 12 students. We deliver engaging and relevant dance and drama programs which have been developed around the National Curriculum’s of Australia and New Zealand. Our programs develop students’ social skills, confidence, fitness levels, creativity, expressive skills and coordination, ensuring we provide a safe, positive and stimulating environment for all students!

Teacher resources have been developed for every lesson as a part of our commitment to supporting educators in their planning and assessment.

Quality outcomes to our programs include discos, formals, parent presentations and school concerts, giving students the opportunity to display and share their Footsteps experience.


So how can Footsteps develop active, creative, risk takers?

Dance Program

We specialise in curriculum compliant school dance programs where dance is used as a vehicle to develop students’ social skills, confidence and creativity. Students will experience various dance styles including hip hop, funk, modern pop, contemporary, partner and various multicultural dances from around the world.

Students learn to dance both individually and with a partner, promoting social interaction and confidence building, as well as improved fitness, coordinating and gross motor skills. Our dance program has been developed around the National Curriculum’s of Australia and New Zealand and include both individual and partner dances, indigenous inspired routines and opportunities for student choreography in our term long programs.

We thrive on supporting teachers with learning outcomes for their students. Our programs are not only exciting and fun for students but sustainable for teachers from dance floor to classroom.

  • Curriculum requirement
  • School concerts and Parent Presentations
  • Graduations and Formals
  • End of year celebrations
  • NAIDOC and Harmony Day celebrations
  • Socials
  • Health hustles
  • Secondary Pastoral Care and PE programs
  • HPE week

Drama Program

Our Drama Program engages students through purposeful and creative structured activities based on improvisational drama. Students will explore and experience the role of both artist and audience.

We encourage students to become aware of situations as they listen and respond as fictional characters. During a program, students will build on their skills, assisting in their ability to develop an understanding of a character.

Fun and innovative activities will develop improvisation skills and encourage students to explore their voice and movement to create role-play. Our drama program is curriculum compliant and students’ learning outcomes will be achieved using voice, movement, social skills and fun activities.

Your course will include assessment and lesson documentation to ensure we are meeting all your drama curriculum requirements.

  • Motivated, caring and experienced instructors who understand the needs of students and engage quickly with them building trust in a safe and caring learning environment
  • Assessment matrix to assess students’ growth and skills development
  • Curriculum documentation, including links to outcomes of the National Curriculum
  • Set up and supply of necessary equipment

Teacher Resources at your fingertips!

Teacher resources have been developed for each of our dance and drama lessons as a part of our commitment to supporting educators in their planning and assessment. Every movement lesson has a resource association that contains useful information for educators. For example, our dance resources contain information regarding:

  • Music (including song title, artist, length and iTunes link to purchase)
  • Choreographic intent
  • Focus dance element
  • National curriculum links
  • Lesson reflection
  • Assessment Rubric
  • Glossary of terms

Outcomes that matter!

We work hard and play hard. At the end of the year its time to show off what we have learnt and Footsteps is there to make sure it is a blast!

Turn your students into active, creative risk takers!