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Dance Programs

We specialise in curriculum integrated school dance programs. Our programs use dance as a vehicle to develop students’ inter/intra personal skills, fitness levels and provide teachers with classroom resources that use dance as a starting point to help teachers educate across other curriculum areas.

We thrive on supporting teachers with learning outcomes for their students. Our programs are not only exciting and fun for students but sustainable for teachers from dance floor to classroom.

Secondary Programs

P.E /Pastoral Care/Induction Day Dance Programs:
Dance is a great physical activity for students, so why not include it in your P.E /pastoral care/induction days. Let our specialist dance instructors teach your students a range of styles including hip hop, salsa, contemporary and jive.

Formals & Graduations:
Let Footsteps teach your senior students partner dances which can be used for end of year Formals and Graduations.

Footsteps provides dj services and dance instruction for discos, graduations, formals, gala days, school camps and much more.

Discos / Formals / Presentations

A social dance, whether formal or informal, presents an opportunity for students to demonstrate their new skills gained through our programs. At Footsteps Dance Company we have extensive experience in social dance presentation. Each year we run over 1000 evenings, most of which include student performances of the dances they have learnt in their earlier courses.

A Footsteps social is highly structured from start to finish combining students newly found dance skills, games and dance activities. Consultation on the format of the evening, such as the amount of formal and informal dancing required and any special requests regarding music, is essential to putting together a successful function.

Vacation Care

The aims and objectives of the Footsteps Vacation Programs remain the same as our term programs, with a high emphasis on self-confidence and physical fitness. They also encourage the students to interact with different age groups and develop their social skills.

For each set of school holidays, we also have a particular theme. We provide a dance instructor, music and lighting for an hour of fun. The best part is that we come out to you!

School Concerts

Why not turn your dance program into a School concert. “Evolution Revolution, Step back in time, Disney and friends…………We have all the themes covered.

Here are just a few items from our school concerts menu:

Evolution Revolution:
From Dinosaurs to the iPhone, every era has a story to tell. The history of our Earth moves on a journey with dance for every revolution… Cavemen, Pharoahs, French Queens, War Heroes and more!

Step Back in Time — Music Through The Ages:
When you can’t find the music to get down and boogie, all you can do is ‘Step back in time.’ Go back through the decades of dance and songs, there’s a favourite for everyone!

In a Galaxy, Far Far Away:
On a mission into space Major Tom and his crew go missing! With no contact to earth they must work together to restore their space craft as they start to realise they’re not alone.

Drama Programs

Our Drama Program engages students through purposeful and creative structured activities based on improvisational drama. Students will explore and experience the role of both artist and audience. We encourage the students to become aware of situations as they listen and respond as fictional characters. During a program, students will build on their skills, assisting in their ability to develop an understanding of a character. Fun and innovative activities will develop improvisation skills and encourage students to explore their voice and movement to create role-play.

Our drama program is curriculum compliant and students’ learning outcomes will be achieved using voice, movement, social skills and fun activities. Your course will include assessment and lesson documentation to ensure we are meeting all your drama curriculum requirements.

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